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Week 8 Reflection: Ads

I found a great website that talks about running ads for food site’s. It’s actually a site I already go to frequently. Neil Patel. He first talks about an effective ad is all about visual storytelling. My images will sell the ad more than any words I use. I know when I am looking for a recipe online, if the pictures don’t look amazing, I usually don’t take them that seriously. Another thing to take seriously are the colors I choose for the site/ad. I also need to decided on my brand’s personality. I have researched all the social media channels, and decided the first one I will tackle is Pinterest since it’s another search engine for story telling and sharing food images.

My ad will focus on one recipe in particular, homemade rolls. When I started keyword researching, I found some similar words I needed to add in my ad. I also realized, too many keywords “stuffed” in an ad can come off as not genuine or “salesy.” I looked into high, medium, and low category words that dealt with rolls. I then looked at some of the “low category words” and looked up “impressions” under Google Ads Keyword Plan. I tried to find some similarities. Words to add now in my ad should have several of these keywords. I have an original post for the homemade rolls, but now I have tweaked it and changed some of the wording.

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