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Week 7- Google Ads and Keywords

With keyword searching, I started off with some of the first recipes I made. I looked up a few at a time with what I already thought was a good search term. I found some recipes like white bread and peanut butter cookies were too high in the competition field. They have been getting lost in the shuffle. Some of recipes I also have are too simple and not getting searches.

One surprise I found was that even though I never baked anything gluten free, keto, low sugar, or sugar free, it constantly came up with the recipes, I currently made. It seems like keyword planner was telling me, “I know you said white bread, but I think you meant gluten free bread.”

I have been slowly trying to improve my blog posts. I’ve made myself a check off list on things I need to refine. I’m still going to keep my recipes all baked related, but I’m thinking now I need to add in some healthy and allergy friendly recipes when I post new recipes.

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