• Bars

    Blondie Bars

    If you love a soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie, you will love these Blondie bars. This recipe can have chocolate, white, or butterscotch chips. No matter what flavor of chips you add, these buttery Blondie bars will be a hit for anyone you make it for. The added sea salt sprinkled on top once the Blondie’s come out of the oven is the secret touch to this dessert. Recipe adapted from the Food Network by Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. If you love this recipe, try my thick and soft chocolate chip cookies.

  • Cakes

    Strawberry Crumb Muffins

    These strawberry muffins are buttery soft with fresh strawberries swirled in the batter. The sweet crumb on top take these strawberry muffins to a new level! Muffins are such a versatile food. Muffins are perfect for breakfast, brunch, or a snack. Add a fruit like strawberries and a sugary crumb on top, and I doubt anyone can say no to one! Recipe adapted from Girl Vs. Dough. If you love muffins, try my pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!

  • Bars

    Snickerdoodle Bars

    This cinnamon and sugar snickerdoodle bars recipe tastes just like snickerdoodle cookies. This makes a 9×13 size to take to all your friends! What’s great about this recipe is that it’s quick to make. Sometimes when you have to make a dessert to bring for a crowd, it takes some time to make. My kids make this dessert all by themselves. Recipe adapted from Six Sisters Stuff. If you love snickerdoodles, try my soft and chewy snickerdoodle cookies.

  • Bread

    Martha Stewart’s Banana Bread

    I’ve never met anyone that didn’t like banana bread. Banana bread is a staple around here for breakfasts and snacks. You can add nuts and chocolate chips to bananas and it’s always going to be a winner. However, this recipe you don’t need neither and it will still be a hit. This is an easy banana bread recipe! Recipe adapted from the Queen herself, Martha Stewart. For more banana recipes, check out my banana muffin recipe. I hope you love this easy banana bread recipe as much as we do!

  • Cookies

    No Bake Cookies Recipe

    If you need a chocolate and peanut butter fix, this no bake cookies recipe is what you need! It doesn’t take that many ingredients to make these cookies. I must admit, I did not eat a no bake cookie until I got married. I honestly had no idea what a no baked cookie was! I can now understand why people love this cookie. A combination of chocolate and peanut butter that requires no baking is a win win! Servings: 24- 30 cookies Course: Dessert Prep/cook time: 10-15 minutes Bake time: NONE Recipe adapted from Ali of Gimme Some Oven. If you love no bake cookies, and prefer it with just peanut butter, try…

  • Bars

    Lemon Brownies

    These lemon brownies are soft, and slightly sweet. This recipe is perfect for someone that prefers a sweet lemon dessert over a sour lemon dessert. This recipe I have made so many times I have lost count! It is a perfect quick recipe to make for your family and friends. There are two tips that make this recipe work: Use room temperature butter. You can’t use cold butter for this recipe. If you do, the batter will be lumpy. If your butter isn’t room temperature, when its baking, bubbles will form then eventually will burst. The brownie will come out with an uneven top layer. When you put the glaze on top, it…

  • Cakes

    Healthy Apple Banana Muffins

    The key on making these healthy apple muffins taste so good are the mashed bananas! Banana muffins with apples are a great combination! On school mornings, muffins are always a hit for a quick bite to eat on the run. Since most schools don’t allow snacks with nuts, these healthy apple banana muffins are also a great snack idea. This recipe has apples, bananas, oats, and no added sugar. Depending on the preference of people in your home, I peeled and cut the apples into super tiny pieces. What can I say, my kids have an opinion! Cutting the apples is the longest part of the recipe to do. In a large bowl,…